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The fitness model answers the need within a niche market where the model must not only look good but have the clear emphasis on the perfection of their physique. This is a fiercely competitive sector of the industry and dedication and total commitment are required to become a fitness model in Manchester or elsewhere. Once you begin on the road to becoming a Manchester fitness model and have attained the body shape required, it is the consistency of maintaining that shape that is the essential on-going requirement. The market for fitness models in Manchester is growing as the industry itself is expanding. Work for a fitness model in Manchester may arise from brochures and flyers for gyms, protein drinks and foods, sport and fitness clothing and for fitness biased magazines. With fitness being the key, the Manchester model must at all times look healthy and remain in shape as work in this area is limited and being ready for a new assignment means keeping your look in peak condition at all times. This sector provideswork largely on a part time basis.







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