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For the girls who have aunique look, are super chic and are fortunate enough to catch the eye of an agency scout or be successful at a casting, the fashion model is the most highly thought of within the industry. She can appear in print or live at shows, modelling clothes and/or accessories, her face can become the cover of a magazine, she is extremely highly paid and can become a celebrity in her own right. Occasionally fashion models Manchester based or elsewhere in the world will also be invited for castings of video and film work. It is frequently the more unconventional look that attracts as designers and those in charge of advertising campaigns are always seeking the next look. A Manchester fashion model may not be considered a beauty in the conventional sense, those are the girls that are said to have a “commercial look”. The fashion model may be more dramatic, quirky, at least 5’ 8” tall, she may be said to have a “signature look”, something unique perhaps in her features that gives her an edge. Epitomising the designersrequirements at a moment in time can be what it takes to give the break into the high fashion sector. For most the work can be irregular, the hours long and demanding and discipline is required by the model and an excellent personality will make her someone that photographers will want to work with again.

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