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When virtually every product the consumer uses requires a model or models for its advertising promotion it is obvious why this sector of the modelling industry is the busiest for models generally. Appearing in print for non-fashion products,commercial print models in Manchester appear in adverts for everything from pension schemes to holidays, from toothpaste to cars, shopping centres to food and drink, and of course in TV commercials and online ads. Working as a commercial model generally means that there is plenty of work for the Manchester model in her main location. Most girls who say that they are models work in the commercial modelling areas. Although the fashion models may earn the highest salaries if they are fortunate enough to be chosen for the high profile jobs, it is the commercial model in Manchester that makes up the larger part of the industry and enjoys a high volume of work. If you have been told in the past that your look is too commercial for the fashion industry it simply means that you are more ideally suited to the commercial work of catalogue, commercials, newspapers, magazines; in fact, any place where an advertisement needs an eye catching element to attract the public’s attention.







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