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When certain parts of a body of a prospective model in Manchester are exceptionally fine we do offer the advice that she should consider becoming a body parts model. Hands and feet are particularly called for by jewellers, cosmetics clients etc. Sometimes a celebrity may be the face of an advertising promotion but the perfect hands may well belong to a hand double. Naturally for body parts models it is essential that constant care is taken of the relevant part and cuts, abrasions and scratches must be avoided where ever possible. Often nail varnish or false nails are not allowed and tattoos or fake tan can be forbidden for a hand model. Of course, other parts of the body can be needed for specific shoots such as feet, legs or arms and many girls with extraordinarily beautiful eyes find a successful career in this niche market. When sheer perfection is wanted in a close up, the body parts model comes into her own. But constant and ongoing care of the skin which should be hairless and flawless, the nails which should always be bare as a shadow of previous nail varnish does show up under the studio lights and skin protection from the sun must be maintained at all times as tan lines are not permitted, all elements which make this area of modelling one that is extremely demanding.







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