Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we are asked, but we are happy to answer any specific enquiries that you may have.

Do I already need to have a portfolio?

No, initially we are happy to talk to potential models who are at the first stage of considering a career in modelling. Simply register with us for FREE and add at least two recent photos. One must be facial and one full length. If you are thinking of becoming a body parts model please add images of your relevant feature. If we feel that you have the look we are after we can give you advice on creatives who will arrange a professional photo shoot.

Will I get immediate work?

No agency can guarantee any of their models work. As a Manchester model agency we can guide you and put you forward for suitable castings, but ultimately it is the client who makes the final decisions. Trends can change very quickly and new companies can start up and look for someone new or different to give their product promotion a fresh and stimulating edge. Some new models can be successful by gaining work very quickly, others wait for several months; this is all part of becoming a model and requires patience and perseverance.

What is the current pay for a model?

This depends entirely on each individual job; some shoots can last only a few hours others a full day or more. Therefore, rates of pay will be decided by the client depending upon the unique specifications of the job. The agency handles your pay from clients and your contract will clearly state the percentage taken by the agency.

Do I have to be a specific size and height?

Size zero is no longer an essential in the modelling industry. Naturally certain clients, especially in the fashion sector, will look for a standard size and height as clothes are often in a standard size for shows. Plus size and petite models will attract interest from relevant clients who aim their products towards clients who are buying in those sectors. This is why we have different categories of models so that clients can quickly access the models with the look and size they are looking for.

Tattoos? Are they acceptable?

Recently tattoos have become more acceptable whereas in previous years they were not considered as appropriate. Naturally young fashion is more open to models who are inked, but if for instance you are looking to become a hand model they would not be seen as an advantage. Size, content and position of the tattoo will also make a difference to some clients.

How old do I have to be to model?

This Manchester agency looks for models over the age of 18 and for glamour models there is a strict minimum age of 18 years of age.

Will I need to travel?

As a model you can always refuse an assignment if travel is out of the question for you because of work commitments or studies, but obviously this may limit the castings or work offered to you.



"I’m dead glad I spoke to them on the phone before I went cos they told me what to wear and not to overdo it with the make up as they wanted to look at me and not the products I was wearing. I do tend to wear quite heavy make up and I found it really hard not to but I guess they were right cos I saw some girls taking off make up when I was at the casting and so I felt as if I knew better! I really understand what they were getting at now and I feel more proud of my face and my skin already. I am moving on to getting some photos taken by a real professional photographer now that they have advised me to use. .. "


"I had attended a couple of other agency castings before and always felt out of place, but everyone was so friendly and I soon found I was really showing everything that I really knew I’d got like confidence in my look. I know it was the right move for me to get in touch with this agency they really take time to see that you relax and talk to you like they care about your future... "

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