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Model Agency creates unique opportunities for the country’s aspiring young models to find a place within this highly competitive industry. With advice, free assessment of your potential in different sectors of the modelling world and ongoing support, this new Manchester model agency is making great strides to establish itself by sourcing the most exceptional female models aged over 18 and delivering appropriate castings. We are continually establishing new contacts with magazines, advertising agencies and creatives which offer our models the chance to start on the ladder of success.


Questions To Ask Your Leeds Model Agency Before Signing A Deal

13 Feb , 2019 02:32 AM

When you first get in touch with a Leeds model agency, they will ask you all kinds of questions. Why do you wish to be a model? What sort of modeling you’d prefer to do? Why do you wish to work with our agency? What are your long-term goals as a model in Leeds? These fundamental questions will assist the agency to get to know you & your personality.




"I’m dead glad I spoke to them on the phone before I went cos they told me what to wear and not to overdo it with the make up as they wanted to look at me and not the products I was wearing. I do tend to wear quite heavy make up and I found it really hard not to but I guess they were right cos I saw some girls taking off make up when I was at the casting and so I felt as if I knew better! I really understand what they were getting at now and I feel more proud of my face and my skin already. I am moving on to getting some photos taken by a real professional photographer now that they have advised me to use. .. "


"I had attended a couple of other agency castings before and always felt out of place, but everyone was so friendly and I soon found I was really showing everything that I really knew I’d got like confidence in my look. I know it was the right move for me to get in touch with this agency they really take time to see that you relax and talk to you like they care about your future... "

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