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The greatest advice for anyone hoping to break into the modelling industry is to realise that it may be a world of glamour, but it is one that is built upon hard work, dedication and a professional attitude at all times. A superb portfolio may catch the eye of an advertising campaign team at a casting, but the attitude of the model will be the criteria that keeps her in work. Great patience is required as there is always a lot of hanging around and waiting, secondly the need for personal discipline so that you are punctual and reliable and the driving force of self confidence to carry you forward.

Safety at all times

Your model agency will always look to ensure your personal safety and make the necessary checks into travel arrangements to shoots out of town and locations. You will never be advised to take an assignment where there is no landline number or verifiable address, or indeed a company that may only provide a PO Box address. If one of our Manchester models is ever asked to do something with which she is not entirely comfortable or has not previously been mentioned, or exceeds the boundaries of the job specifications, then it is always OK to say NO.


The elation at being offered the opportunity of a casting is only the beginning and every established model would tell new and aspiring models that learning to handle rejection is something that has to be learned. The path to success is littered with rejection and even the top super models have been in the same position over the years. Learning how to shrug off another refusal with style and grace will make you feel better and leave a positive impression on those around you. Professionalism when another rejection comes your way is a sign of your dedication and perseverance and can be seen as a positive and is one stage closer to hearing a Yes!

Your Beauty Regime

As a model the care and attention that you pay to your body, your skin, your hair and nails are of utmost importance and in fact your general health will have impact upon all of these aspects. Not smoking, drinking plenty of water, a minimum intake of alcohol if you cannot abstain completely and total adherence to your beauty regime all combine to make your appearance the best it can be. It is the simple things that can make the all important difference; exfoliating, moisturising, coverage from a high SPF, attention to all the details such as hair care and regular manicures, working out at the gym and being constantly conscious of maintaining a good, well balanced diet and supplementing it with a multivitamin are the basics. Your looks are your passport to success so why would you not want to look after them? Body parts models have to equally pay the closest attention to the feature that is their main asset, hair, nails and teeth cannot be immediately managed if they have not been maintained to perfection and a call for a casting comes in. A model who pays her appearance the respect it deserves at all times feels better and has more confidence, which is ultimately the place to be for any successful person.



"I’m dead glad I spoke to them on the phone before I went cos they told me what to wear and not to overdo it with the make up as they wanted to look at me and not the products I was wearing. I do tend to wear quite heavy make up and I found it really hard not to but I guess they were right cos I saw some girls taking off make up when I was at the casting and so I felt as if I knew better! I really understand what they were getting at now and I feel more proud of my face and my skin already. I am moving on to getting some photos taken by a real professional photographer now that they have advised me to use. .. "


"I had attended a couple of other agency castings before and always felt out of place, but everyone was so friendly and I soon found I was really showing everything that I really knew I’d got like confidence in my look. I know it was the right move for me to get in touch with this agency they really take time to see that you relax and talk to you like they care about your future... "

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